To join our team

By joining our network everyone will be able to improve their lives and each other quickly and efficiently.Now with Bitcoin Express, the most reliable and available platform, you will have the opportunity to realize your dreams and to have more financial freedom!

How it works

Here's how it works. After you register through the referral link of your upline sponsor and pay him to 0.03 Bitcoin per Cycle, you invite 2 of your partners 1st level, or get their overflow as you fill the structure from standing above sponsors . As soon as you get the same amount from each of the two invited you, you have earned the amount you pay go to the next 2nd level. As soon as this process will expand, you will be able to earn enough money in the system to transition to 3rd level.


Level 1

BTC 0.03 x 2 = 0.06 BTC – 0.05 BTC (pay level 2)

= 0.01 BTC net income from 1st level for the Cycle


Level 2

4 x 0.05 BTC = 0.2 BTC – 0.15 BTC (pay level 3)

= 0.05 BTC net income from the 2nd level for the Cycle


Level 3

8 x 0.15 BTC = 1.20 BTC

= 1.20 BTC net gain from the 3rd level for the Cycle



Total revenue for the completion of all three levels in one cycle, less costs, will be:

0.01 BTC + 0.05 BTC + 1.20 BTC = 1.26 BTC

This can become your daily income